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Office: 15A, Lane 71 Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi Head

Address: No 15A, Lane 72/7392 Quan Nhan Street.,
Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
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                           Hotline: (043) 554 4620 - 0916 871 818                               

First and foremost, we would like to send you the most sincere and we wish you success in production and business

Vietnam- JIT Technology Company Ltd.,was established since 2006. We are currently distributing products served in production of power industry, electrics and others.

We would like to present our list of essential products that we distribute

1, Qualitek – Mỹ / Indonesia

a) Solder Bar – Leaded and Lead Free

b) Solder Wire – Leaded and Lead Free

c) Solder Paste 

d) Flux

e) Tin Anode – Various Shape

We provide the technical parameters include: MSDS, ROSH, TDS.

2, Quick – China

a)Soldering and Rework Equipment

b)BGA Rework Systems

c)Smoke Absorber and Extractor

d)Static Eliminators and Meters

e)Other Products

3, Toyo Chemical

a) One - Part RTV Silicone Adhesives

b) Adhesives for SMT

c) Two – Parts Silicone Encapsulant

d) Thermal Interface Material

4, Sciengo- CN

a)Axial- sequencer / insertion machine

b)Radial insertion machine

5, Fisita- CN

a)LF Reflow Machine

b)Wave soldering

c)Semi Auto Printing Machine

d)Auto Pcb Cutting Machine & Others

6, Aibeite- CN

Solder Recovery System : Menual & Auto Machine

7, KIC – USA

a)   Thermal Profiler – 24/7

8, PVA – USA

a)  Precision automated Liquid Dispenser

9, Jovy  system- CN

a)Soldering stations

b)Simple BGA rework system

c)BGA rework system

10, Cooper Tools Products (Weller) – Germany

a)Weller Soldering Station

b)Weller BGA Reworks & Weller Hot Air Repair Station

c)Weller Fume Extractor & Ionizer

d)Xcelite Toolings

11, Others

Wrist Strap , Anti static Cap, Spring Balancer, Torque Meter, Electric Screw Driver , Screw Feeder , Maxbond Adhesive.

With the effective motto " Satisfy customers with the highest quality", Vietnam- JIT Technology Company Ltd., always bring to customers the satisfaction in terms of product quality as well as the attitude of kindness and whole-heartedness of our staff. We believe that your company could more and more care about us, Vietnam- JIT Technology Company Ltd.,

It is our pleasure to provide you the best service. We hope we could develop our relationship and cooperation to deliver the most comfortable service and warranty.

Yours sincerely,